We are excited to have Today’s Plan on-board as a sponsor of the event. Today’s Plan provides a training system, coaching tools and analytics for athletes of all levels that integrates seamlessly with Garmin, Wahoo KICKR, Zwift, your power meter and heart rate monitor. Jesse Coyle, an operational coach at Today’s Plan, has some recommendations for you to prepare for the Duo Classic.

Today’s Plan Training Recommendation

The highest priority when considering the training you will do leading into the race is making sure you have a plan. The duration of your specific training will vary from rider to rider, some prefer a shorter 6 week plan while others may prefer to start specifically preparing from 12 weeks out. No matter how far out you start preparing be sure that you have an idea of how many hours a week you will be able to commit to training throughout that period.

Then take into consideration the race distance of your event; for riders doing the 75km race that is likely to take 4+ hours, therefore riders should focus more on muscular endurance, fatigue resistance and in-race fueling throughout their training. For riders doing the shorter events that will take less than 2 hours, training should be focused more around building power at threshold and ability to recover from hard surges in pace. 

When assessing your training (whether you are using a third party training plan or planning your own training) make sure you cover these three factors:

  1. Consistency– this is the most important factor in training. Make sure you are completing your training rides regularly. Use your planning to make sure you have time dedicated to ride at least once every 3 days. 
  2. Volume– it is necessary to hit enough volume (hours of riding) in your training week to week. For most riders you should seek to ride at least 5-6 hours per week as a training minimum
  3. Intensity– include a mix of intensities in your training. A MTB race covers a range of terrain, inclines, pace changes, etc, so it’s important to have well rounded fitness. Include separate rides spending time targeting the range of training zones from endurance riding, sweet spot/threshold, VO2max and anaerobic capacity. 

For those of you looking for a training plan to follow there are many options available within Today’s Plan, all of which sync. with your 3rd party apps and devices out on the trail. We also have a number of coaches on Today’s Plan that we can link you with to make sure you are ready for the Duo Classic. For a training plan suitable for indoor and/or outdoor make sure you have a look at Today’s Plan’s training plan system or contact Today’s Plan support with your goals and we can assist you further- https://www.todaysplan.com.au/.