Kid’s Race

Racing starts at 11:00 am

  • Under 4’s – approx. 10 minute race
  • 4-6 year old – approx. 10 minute race
  • 6-8 year old – approx. 15 minute race
  • 8-10 year old – approx. 20 minute race

The Duo Classic is the perfect opportunity to introduce the youngest members of your family to the world of racing.  At the race, little riders will go around a short, flat loop and are even allowed to have parents ride along (as long as they don’t get in the way of other racers).  There is no specific category for balance bikes, but children under 6 years old are welcome to ride their balance bikes!  The only thing cuter than a bunch of toddlers chasing each other is a bunch of toddlers chasing each other on balance bikes. 

If your little rider isn’t on the competitive side, don’t worry- these races are just for fun!  In the older categories kids are encouraged to ride without a parent alongside and may get a little more competitive.  No one wins or loses, but everyone has a great time. 

Entry is on-the-day only for the Duo Juniors and starts at 10:15 am in the event centre, once the main racing has started.  Junior racing starts at 11:00 am.  There is no entry fee but you are required to take out a compulsory MTBA participation license for your junior, for a cost of $7.