Race Rules

Age of Rider
The age for category entry is the age you turn on 31 December 2019.  Both riders in the pair must be in the same age category unless entering in the Family category.

Caring for the Environment
Please take care not to litter or cause damage to the environment – this includes throwing away of gel and energy bar wrappers, water bottles, packaging & bike spares.  You must take all rubbish home with you.

Carrying Music Devices During the Race
iPods or other musical playing devices are not permitted for riders while on course.  This is solely due to the safety of all riders on track.

The actual race distance may vary from the published or briefed distance. The course will be clearly marked by arrows, signs and bunting tape.   Riders must follow the course and must continue in the marked direction of the course. A rider who leaves the course for any reason must return to that same point on the course to resume a lap.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed.

Cut-off Time
There will be a cut off time of TBC. No rider from any category will be allowed to commence another lap after this time

Discretion of the MTBA Commissaire and Race Director
The MTBA Commissaire and Race Organisers reserve the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide fair and safe riding conditions.  After rider registration closes any changes to rules and regulations will be announced at the race briefing.  Where any additional rule interpretation is required, or where specific provision for any incident has not been made in these rules, the decision of the MTBA Commissaire will be absolute and final.

Electric Bikes (e-Bikes)
Riders are permitted to ride electric-assisted bike (e-Bikes) under the following conditions:

  • e-Bikes are only permitted in the 25km e-Bike category. One or both riders in the pair must ride an e-bike.
  • The bike must conform to Australian Standards EN15194.
  • The bike must not be used for drafting between teams, or any sort of repetitive assistance to other non e-bike competitors.
  • A competitor riding an e-bike must make reasonable effort to not interfere with or impede competitors who are racing in other categories.
  • Power will not be available at the event site for charging. Personal generators are also not permitted at the event site due to the fire risk.

Etiquette on course
Riders wishing to pass should call ‘Track, on your left’ or ‘Track, on your right’ and the rider being overtaken should yield, if necessary, at the earliest safe opportunity.

If you need to return along a section of track, you may only ride if there is adequate room. You must give way to all oncoming riders at all times. Riders pushing their bikes should give way at all times to those riding. They should attempt to walk on the least rideable portion of the trail.

In the event of injury or accident, riders must stop to assist an injured rider, prevent others from entering the accident zone, and inform a race official of the incident at the earliest opportunity.

If you stop to give assistance for a health or safety reason, you may report this to a race official and let them know the reason and the duration of your stop. A time adjustment may be made. Note that this does not apply if you stop to offer mechanical assistance.

A rider not wearing a securely fastened helmet at any stage of the race will be disqualified.  All helmets must comply with AS/NZS 2063:2008 and display a compliance sticker.

Inclement Weather Protocol
The event could be cancelled or modified in inclement weather in the following circumstances;

  • Conducting the event will cause significant damage to and/or an unacceptable level of damage to the venue.
  • Conducting the event in the given conditions will pose a significant risk to the participants, race officials, medical staff and the general public.
  • In areas with strict fire danger protocols that may prohibit the running of the event in certain conditions.
  • In any other situation that gives rise for the land owner/ manager to prohibit the running of the event.

The event may be cancelled during the event by the race organisers, the MTBA Commissaire and/or the land manager.

Procedure for pre-event cancellation – The decision to cancel the event will be made with as much notice as possible prior to the event start. Where possible, participants will be notified by email prior to the day of the event.

Any refund or reimbursement to the competitor is entirely at the discretion of the race organisers. Please refer to Refund Policy for details.

Mechanical Assistance
Mechanical assistance during the race can be provided from other riders entered in the race while out on course.   Outside assistance on course from support persons or spectators is not permitted. If you have a mechanical problem and continue to walk your bike along the course to the end of the lap, then that lap will be counted.   If you shortcut the course to return to the start or are assisted back to the start, then that lap will not be counted, your team will be withdrawn from the race and recorded a DNF.

Medical Assessment and Assistance
Event staff and other nominated first aid officials, will provide general first aid care during the race from the moment riders enter the starting area until they leave the finishing area.  

If you are injured and assisted back to the event centre, then your lap will not count and your team will be withdrawn from the race and recorded a DNF.  

The MTBA Commissaire or Course Director may remove a rider from the course for assessment if, in the MTBA Commissaire or Course Directors’ opinion, the rider is showing signs of extreme fatigue, heat stroke or other condition which may be detrimental to the rider or to other riders in the race.  

Following medical assessment, the MTBA Commissaire or Course Director will either:

  • allow the rider to resume racing;
  • mandate a rest period before the rider can resume the race; or
  • withdraw the rider from the race.

This decision is the sole responsibility of the MTBA Commissaire and Course Director and is non-appealable.   There will be no compensation for the rider for the time taken for the assessment process.

Number Plate
Attach your bike number plate to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that it can be easily seen from the front.   Your number should be in front of the brake cables and not wrapped around any part of the bike.  Both riders in a team must display their number plates at all times.

You may not enter the course for official practice unless your race number plate is fastened to your bike.

Officials and Volunteers
Riders and support persons must obey the directions of Race Officials and Volunteers at all times.

Physical Assistance
Towing between or pushing of riders is permitted by direct hand contact (e.g., hand-to-hand or hand-to-bike), but is prohibited by means of any mechanical or physical devices (including without limitation a rope, tube, or cable).

Individual riders or their team management must first approach the Event Commissaire concerning any incident in an event. A protest arising out of the conduct of a race or an incident must be made in writing to the Event Commissaire within fifteen (15) minutes after the completion of the event or within 15 minutes of the provisional results being posted (whichever is the later)

Race Finish
Each pair must start and finish the race together. The finishing time of the pair will be recorded as the second rider crosses the finish line.

Rider Briefing
All riders must attend the mandatory Rider Race Briefing at the event centre.

Rider Separation Distance
There must be no more than TWO minutes separation between team riders during the entire race.

Self Seeding
Riders sort themselves into indicated start times. Within each start time category, riders self seed with the faster riders at the front, and slower riders at the back

Withdrawing From the Race
A rider may withdraw from the race at any time.   If they choose to withdraw they must notify the event staff at the timing tent.   A rider who withdraws is not allowed to rejoin or resume the race and both riders in the pair must leave the track and record a DNF.