2020 Duo Classic Response to COVID-19 Risk

What is the Duo Classic doing/planning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? How will the event mitigate potential incidence? What precautionary and control measures will be in place before, during and after the event.

The Duo Classic events team will continually refer to several sources in the planning and response to the COVID-19 risk:

The events team will also:

  • Conduct a thorough risk assessment and implementation of COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies
  • Incorporate the COVID-19 refund policy into the current refund policy and add to Duo Classic website
  • Update and educate participants of current conditions and our responses through regular e-newsletters
  • Observe the general principles of Stage 3 Restrictions as detailed below (if Stage 3 is the current restriction) and relevant details will be published on the Duo Classic website and e-newsletters
    1. Practice good hygiene before, during & after activity. Hand sanitiser will be freely available at the venue
    2. No sharing of personal gear or equipment.
    3. Maintain 1.5m between parked vehicles and limit congregating in the car park.
    4. Limit congregating on the trails, at trail junctions & trail-heads.
    5. Where possible, maintain at least 1.5m between all persons at all times including during the activity. One person per 4m2.
    6. Preference is for online registrations otherwise maintain 1.5m physical distancing & one person per 4m2.
    7. Conduct pre-race briefing online; otherwise maintain 1.5m physical distancing at the venue.
    8. Formal presentation ceremonies discouraged.
    9. Minimal use of communal facilities permitted after a sport specific risk assessment & mitigation process is undertaken.
    10. Cleaning protocols in place for equipment and facilities.
    11. Spitting & clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions strongly discouraged.
    12. Discourage spectators (exception is parents/carers of junior participants). Essential support personnel only.
    13. No congregating post finish line. No hugging, kissing or handshaking.
    14. Limit event village to essential infrastructure & services only.
    15. Technical & feed zone must be marked to maintain 1.5m physical distancing & one person per 4m2.
    16. Minimal team tents/ pits & limited to essential personnel only.
  • Cap maximum attendance numbers in accordance with state/ territory & local government directions.
  • Review category start times to ensure no gathering of more than the allocated number of competitors. Start in waves, if necessary.
  • Postpone the event/s if the appropriate government restrictions are not in force.

Updated 10 June 2020