2020 Duo Classic Response to COVID-19 Risk

What is the Duo Classic planning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? 

The Duo Classic Events Team are regularly referencing the following resources in the planning and response to the COVID-19 risk and will actively introduce procedures and protocols to mitigate the COVID-19 risk.

The Duo Classic Events Team have conducted an assessment of COVID-19 risks at the Duo Classic Kowen and we will be implementing the following additional mitigation strategies.

  • Appoint a COVID SAFE Officer who will be responsible for ensuring that participants follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Where a participant fails to comply, they will be asked to leave the event.
  • Add COVID SAFE practices to the Race Rules page on the event website.
  • No on-the-day entries will be accepted.
  • No formal presentation ceremony.
  • The event schedule will be modified to ensure safe distancing of participants and staff is adhered to.
  • Introduction of a mandatory virtual rider briefing to be viewed prior to the event.
  • Introduction of a mandatory COVID-19 Rider Declaration/Health Screening Questionnaire  to be completed within the 24-hour window prior to the event.
  • Advise participants and staff to download the COVID Safe App.




    Updated 20 October 2020