We are very excited to announce our 2020 sponsors. 

Thank you for your generosity and support; its what keeps us going. 

Welcome to the Duo Classic family!



MITAS tyre recommendation for Kowen Forest/Sparrow Hill
The trails of Sparrow Hill and Kowen Forest are known for their fast, flowing and generally grippy corners.  We recommend a tyre with a low but consistent profile that allows maximum feel through the corners while providing low rolling resistance. The Mitas Scylla with TEXTRA sidewall protection is the ideal tyre, both front and rear, for this course. For extra grip and trail dampening, try the new 2.45” model on the front!

MITAS tyre recommendation for Stromlo
The surface at Stromlo is known for its challenging makeup. Very hard, dry and with a layer of almost sandy sediment. Like Sparrow Hill, there is little for the tyre to bite into so consistency of tread and profile are the key factors for grip. Again we recommend the Mitas Scylla. There are some sharp rocks out there so sidewall protection is a must. All Mitas Tubeless MTB tyres feature a TEXTRA sidewall which contains a very tight weave textile to reduce cuts and abrasion in this area.

Find out more about Mitas tyres by contacting Ben at mitascycling.com.au


Capital Chemist are proud to support the Duo Classic. For their complete range visit the Capital Chemist website at  capitalchemist.com.au

Capital Chemist is wholly-owned by like-minded pharmacists dedicated to providing quality pharmaceutical and ancillary services to their clients. Capital Chemist prides itself on the enthusiasm and friendliness of its well-trained staff. All our stores have full accreditation under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Federal Government sponsored Quality Care Pharmacy Program. This is your assurance that each and every Capital Chemist meets very exacting standards which are constantly monitored and upgraded.


We invite you to call into your local Capital Chemist the next time you need to visit a pharmacy and experience that special Capital Chemist Care.


At Premax we are on a continual quest to develop unique and better performing sports skincare products. Every product we develop is researched and re-thought in consultation with our extensive network of elite athletes and professional teams. Innovation, trust, performance and experience are the cornerstones of every product we develop. We develop each formula from scratch and rigorously test our formulas with our elite sports partners to not only ensure that it’s highly effective, but a superior skin care experience.


Ride Technics has been providing the highest level of MTB skills coaching for riders of all levels and all mountain biking disciplines for over 25 years. Their highly experienced and fully accredited coaches guarantee results through the use of proven methods and ongoing support. They’re basically obsessed with bike handling technique and have decades of international level competition experience that they can pass on to riders of any level. Get in touch with them to find out more about how they do things differently to maximise rider development.

Visit ridetechnics.com.au


Today’s Plan provides a training system, coaching tools and analytics for athletes of all levels that integrates seamlessly with Garmin, Wahoo KICKR, Zwift, your power meter and heart rate monitor.  Jesse Coyle, an operational coach at Today’s Plan, has some recommendations for you to prepare for the Duo Classic.  Click here to view.



My Ride Woden is Canberra’s largest dealer of Scott, Avanti, Malvern Star and Raleigh bikes. They also stock a large selection of parts and accessories to suit Canberra riders. As well as offering the best products, My Ride’s professional in-store mechanics also service and repair any type of bike. Locally owned, by the same Onya Bike family, My Ride brings you friendly service, professional support and a wealth of riding experience. Be sure to check them out at 32 Botany Street, Phillip.



A truly ground-breaking beer CELIA is brewed in Prague and mixes the proud brewing heritage of the Czech Republic with an innovative new brewing technique to produce a great tasting low gluten Beer.  Traditionally batch brewed in the heart of the world’s most famous hop region. The local noble Saaz hops provide a clean, spicy aroma, ideal to accompany quality food. Celia has a truly light feel thanks to the benefit of being low gluten and naturally carbonated.


RIDE MECHANIC formulations are made in Australia and the benefits of local testing and development are best enjoyed by testing the products yourself! 



Nitelights are designed with features based on suggestions from our customers. We are an Australian company and warranty our lights locally. We have over ten years of experience and have sold and over 45’000 light sets across Australia. Our failure rate is 0.9% with no battery failures in 2017, 2018 or 2019.



A special thank you to our friends on the St John Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT’s).  The BERT’s have supported the Duo Classic since its inception and without the support of these guys the Duo Classic would not have the superb medical coverage that everyone enjoys out on the trails.

The St John Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT) plays a crucial part in ensuring the earliest possible response time to a casualty, particularly in places that are not easily accessible by an ambulance.  Using purpose built bicycles equipped with life saving defibrillators, oxygen and a range of other medical equipment, BERT volunteers provide efficient, mobile and quick first aid services.