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Mitas tyre recommendation

The pine forests of Sparrow Hill and Kowen are known for their fast flowing trails. Due to the hard and typically dry surface we recommend a tyre with a low but consistent profile that allows maximum ‘feel’ through the corners while providing low rolling resistance. Put away those aggressive, knobby tyres, the ground is too hard for them to get any ‘bite’. The Mitas Scylla with TEXTRA sidewall protection is the ideal tyre, both front and rear for this course.


My Ride Woden is Canberra’s biggest dealer of Scott, Avanti, Malvern Star and Raleigh bikes. They also stock a large selection of parts and accessories to suit Canberra riders. As well as offering the best products, My Ride’s professional in-store mechanics also service and repair any type of bike. Locally owned, by the same Onya Bike family, My Ride brings you friendly service, professional support and a wealth of riding experience. Be sure to check them out at, 32 Botany Street, Phillip.


Today’s Plan provides a sophisticated training system, coaching tools and analytics for athletes that integrate seamlessly with Garmin, Wahoo KICKR, Zwift, your power meter and heart rate monitor.

Jesse Coyle, an operational coach at Today’s Plan, has some recommendations for you to prepare for the Duo Classic.
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At Yakima we believe in connecting you, your friends, family and all your favourite gear to your desired destination or activity.

Doesn’t matter if you are headed out for campingbiking, hitting the water or the slopes or taking the family on a holiday road trip. Yakima believes that any life adventure, regardless of the destination, creates shared experiences and memories for you, your family and friends. When the road winds back home, the memories and connections with friends and family remain long after the trip is over. Yakima will handle all your gear, with our Yakima roof racksLockN’Load systems and roof boxes.

Alpine Armour is all about protective gear, predominantly for alpine sports. They have teamed up with Physio Phebe, an Australian physiotherapist from the adventure hub of Bright. Following her love of alpine sports, Phebe works with Olympic athletes in skiing and mountain biking and deals with alpine sport injuries day in and day out.

Phebe has selected each Alpine Armour product in accordance with their mission to help minimize your chance of sustaining an injury (or at the very least decrease the extent of potential damage), as well as helping those with a chronic condition stay active for longer.

A truly ground-breaking beer CELIA is brewed in Prague and mixes the proud brewing heritage of the Czech Republic with an innovative new brewing technique to produce a great tasting low gluten beer.

Traditionally batch brewed in the heart of the world’s most famous hop region. The local noble Saaz hops provide a clean, spicy aroma, ideal to accompany quality food. Celia has a truly light feel thanks to the benefit of being low gluten and naturally carbonated.

Nitelights are designed with features based on suggestions from our customers. We are an Australian company and warranty our lights locally. We have over ten years of experience and have sold and over 45’000 light sets across Australia. Our failure rate is 0.9% with no battery failures in 2017 or 2018.