We are looking for a number of volunteers to assist with marshaling, checkpoints, registration and timing, set-up and pack-down so if you are interested in helping please contact us with your availability. ANY help will be greatly appreciated and all volunteers will receive a lunch and coffee voucher. Please email via the Contact Us page to register your interest.

Volunteer jobs include:

  • Course marshals are stationed on course to assist in rider navigation, injury, course closure and course marking and repair.
  • Course marshals are stationed at the course checkpoints to record rider numbers, report injuries and withdrawals and are the main point of on-course contact with the MTBA Commissaire and/or Race Director. Course marshals liaise with the MTBA Commissaire and/or Race Director in any injury or emergency situation.
  • Course marshals must be over the age of 18 unless approval is given by the MTBA Commissaire for exception to this rule.
  • Set-up and pack-down crew assist in the set-up and pack-down of the event village, including barriers, tents, registration/timing system, PA etc.
  • Registration and timing crew will assist with rider registration and timing team to record each competitors time during and at the finish of the race.
  • Presentation crew will assist with set-up of prizes and category presentations.
  • Kids Race volunteers are required to assist with the kids races which will begin once all riders are on course.
  • Course sweep will follow behind the last rider on course to confirm all riders are accounted for.